Accurately generate your TX-RAMP ATO Package with unrivaled speed and ease at a fraction of the standard 6-figure price.

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Trusted and used by leading companies:

10,000% more efficient.

Deploy anywhere

3 min

Experience the ease of deployment with Paramify, powered by Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf (KOTS). You now have the flexibility to install fully functioning instances anywhere you need - from private data centers, personal laptops, virtual machines to any Kubernetes-backed cloud provider. This level of versatility not only caters to your specific needs but also ensures seamless compliance with data sovereignty requirements.

Strategic intake process

1 hour

At Paramify, we've replaced impractical, generic 'templates' with a strategic intake process that is both dynamic and practical. It's as simple as collating your element library, inclusive of your team members, deployment locations, and key components that drive your business and secure your apps and data. Paramify then promptly generates a suite of tailored Risk Solutions, placing strategy at the forefront of your security program. This strategic focus leads to the natural emergence of compliance deliverables, tailor-made to your unique needs.

Rapidly generate documents

20 sec

Paramify helps to restructure your security program by streamlining document generation and ensuring consistent accuracy. As a comprehensive source for all your deliverables, Paramify offers customizable features, including in-line control statements and SSP creation. It also provides machine-readable outputs in versatile formats such as DOCX, OSCAL, and XLSX. This efficient documentation process lets you focus on what truly matters - securing your systems.

What our customers say about Paramify

"Paramify's approach is brutally efficient: simple to maintain, easy to understand, and rapid to deploy."

CTO & Co-founder
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"We used Paramify to quickly assemble and generate three different FedRAMP packages as well as the DoD IL5 addendum. Paramify is an integral part of our FedRAMP process..."

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Whether you're a big or smaller SaaS Company, Paramify is amazing. Instead of wasting all this time duplicating efforts, [Paramify] makes it so much easier.

Chief Security Officer
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"We save so much time and labor. We have a dozen products getting FedRAMP certified or moving up to the next level. Instead of visiting each of the 800-page docs, we can use Paramify to make the change once."

Gov. Certifications
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"The process of reviewing security policies and documentation has always been a massive challenge... Paramify aligns with our long-term goals... They've managed to embody exactly what we envisioned... Truly impressive work!"

Technical Operations
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For organizations already or not yet TX-RAMP certified

Import an existing SSP

We will import your existing SSP into our platform. Stay audit-ready and compliant as we automatically track policy and procedure updates to match your evolving environment.

Build from scratch

Beginning your SSP journey? Efficiently build a top-notch SSP from ground zero, poised for seamless expansion alongside your company's growth.

Flexible and adaptable

Whether starting fresh or advancing an existing SSP, our platform adapts to your evolving needs, ensuring your compliance content remains relevant, comprehensive, and up-to-date.

For organizations of any size


Easily build and maintain your enterprise security program, and automate all of your compliance documentation - completely and accurately.


Quickly and confidently build out a robust compliance program with minimal cost and complexity.


Boost your margins, productivity, and customer satisfaction with our streamlined compliance consulting solution.

Iterate and improve

Upgrade your security program with Paramify. We make risk management easy by establishing essential program components, leveraging pre-built elements to implement best practices, linking Risk Solutions for complete coverage, and automating SSP revisions.

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