Risk Solutions Explained

Risk Solutions is the backbone of Paramify's ability to deliver accurate compliance documentation in hours or days. But what are they and how do you create them for your organization?

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Manually writing security compliance documentation is a soul-sucking process. If you'd had to document one by one, all the 1,000+ controls in NIST 800-53 or you're just starting the process, you may have thought, "There has to be a better way."

There is.

You can create accurate compliance documentation in hours or days, not months, at a fraction of the traditional cost. Our Risk Solutions process has helped big and small companies simplify compliance.

Learn how the Risk Solutions process works so you can decide if this is the right solution for your company. 

What is a Risk Solution 

A Risk Solution is a security capability that can be mapped to various requirements.  

Paramify keeps a library of vetted Risk Solutions that are audited and certified many times over. You can use these solutions as-is, customize them, or write your own. Updating one Risk Solution will automatically update every requirement and document that it maps to.

Importantly, these Risk Solutions satisfy controls from any framework.

"Risk Solutions make so much sense because [it's] the the language companies speak." - Director of FedRAMP Compliance, Brad Bartholomew

The Benefits of Risk Solutions

Risk Solutions enables minimal redundancy and maximum consistency

Risk Solutions provides a 'write once, apply everywhere' strategy. This means you can spend less time on tedious paperwork and more time adding value to your business.

For example, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a common control solution for 81 FedRAMP requirements. Normally, you have to go through all 81 requirements, one by one. With Paramify, you can manage the MFA Risk Solution, stating you use Duo for MFA will populate the 81 different requirements in your SSP tied to that solution. Additionally, your CRM, CIS, Policies, and Procedures documents are also populated from your MFA solution. Amazing efficiency!

A few months later you might switch from Duo to Okta. If you don’t have Risk Solutions, how excited are you about updating all 81 of those requirements in the SSP? Then you get to manually update your CRM, CIS, Policies, and Procedure documents as well! This is an example of that soul-sucking we mentioned earlier. 

Alternatively, with Paramify you can update your MFA Risk Solution to replace Duo with Okta, and all of those 81 requirements are automatically filled out in your SSP. What about your CRM, CIS, Policies, and Procedure documents? Yep, also updated automatically.

SSP writing veterans know that it’s very easy to miss updating one of those 81 requirements. But the PMO or your 3PAO will notice. Mistakes equal friction, wasted time, and portions of your soul disappearing altogether. 

It’s easier and it’s more consistent and accurate with Paramify. Win, win, win.

Do you want to see how this would work for your company? Request a Free Intake Session. After your 30 - 60 minute intake session, you'll get:

  1. Risk Solutions customized to your organization's stack
  2. A sneak peak of the first draft of your SSP and ATO Package
  3. A security gap assessment of your standing across multiple compliance frameworks, including FedRAMP, TX-RAMP, and StateRAMP

Watch: Kenny explains how Risk Solutions can help your company generate compliance documents easily.

The Frameworks Paramify Supports

Risk Solutions can support any framework. We currently support FedRAMP, TX-RAMP, StateRAMP, and CMMC, with ISO 27001 and SOC 2 coming soon. We are adding new frameworks regularly with plans to support SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPPA, HITRUST, and more. 

How to Create Your Tailored Risk Solutions

You create them through the Paramify Intake Session—a simple process which usually takes less than an hour. 

Paramify Intake Process: identify your organization's People, Places, & Things

Your stack consists of the nouns of your security program—the People, Places, and Things relevant to your organization's security posture. So what does that include?

1. People - Relevant Roles and Parties:

  • The roles and the people who play significant parts within and in support of your organization: red team, GRC admin, ISSO, pen tester, etc.

2. Places - Systems and Data:

  • Where your systems and your data reside: in one or more of the AWS or GCP data centers or your own data center, Gov Cloud, etc.

3. Things - Tools and Applications:

  • Business utilities like Jira, Office 365, and Workday
  • Communications utilities like Slack and Teams 
  • Infrastructural components like AWS services and Inspector  
  • Security tools like Active Directory, Trellix XDR, SentinelOne, and SecureX

These components form your security stack, a complete representation of your organization’s operational and security aspects.

Risk Solutions Automate Compliance Documentation

Once the intake process is complete, we produce a tailored set of Risk Solutions for you to validate and improve. You can generate all the required compliance documents for FedRAMP, StateRAMP, TX-RAMP or CMMC.

Risk Solutions Are Easy to Create and Use

Security and compliance should be achievable for any organization. If you can identify your organization's people, locations, and things, then you can achieve your security and compliance goals. Unlike other compliance document tools, no expensive and time-consuming setup is needed.

Case Study: Create an SSPs in 3.5 Hours

Learn how one of our customers created a FedRAMP High ATO package in 3.5 hours.

Paramify Costs a Fraction of Manual Methods

While traditional methods of generating an ATO package cost $150,000 and more. For low impact data, Paramify costs between $13,500 per year. For moderate to high impact data, it costs between $23,500 and $61,000 per year. Learn more on our pricing page.

Paramify Supports OSCAL Deliverables

OSCAL provides machine-readable versions of compliance documents. Learn about OSCAL's benefits and limitations and how Risk Solutions addresses those limitations.

Risk Solutions Seamlessly Automates Security Questionnaires 

Risk Solutions are flexible enough to automate security questionnaires as well. Read about how Aumni streamlined their responses to accelerate new customer acquisitions at scale.

Schedule a FREE Intake Session

Experience the potential of the Risk Solutions Platform firsthand with a proof-of-concept intake session.

The result of the free, no-risk session will be your own:

  • Gap Assessment for TX-RAMP, FedRAMP, StateRAMP or CMMC
  • Risk Solution Implementation Summary
  • Roadmap to Compliance Goals
  • Sneak peek of your DOCX and OSCAL SSP (System Security Plan), CRM (Customer Responsibility Matrix), Control Implementation Summary (CIS), Inventory Workbook, Policies and Procedures documents
About the author

Adam Johnson boasts 15 years in information systems, with special expertise in product marketing and management. He's always had an interest in Cybersecurity.‍ A family man at heart, Adam enjoys biking, soccer, and traveling with his wife and three kids.