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Looking to grow your advisory business? Adopt a security first approach and generate compliance documentation 15,000% more efficiently with Paramify.

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Why partner with Paramify?


Less time and money to help more clients.


Accurate, high-quality compliance documentation.


Predictable, on budget.

Security first approach

Put your clients’ security needs first with our “Iron Man suit”. Quickly identify and implement Risk Solutions tailored to each client's needs. Security is the focus with Paramify. Outstanding documentation is the natural result.

Risk Solutions Explained

Powerful features to help you develop faster

Gap assessments in a jiffy

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Battle tested Risk Solutions

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Upgrade your engagements

Accurate security gap assessments in hours

A 30-60 minute intake process that can seamlessly be leveraged to provide a security gap assessment for your clients’ compliance framework(s).

Audited Risk Solutions

Use Risk Solutions, a collection of effective and audited security capabilities, to help clients meet their security goals. Based upon your expertise, make them your own to best suit your clients. Reuse them over and over again.

Risk Solutions Explained

Collaborative project management tools

A simple way to track the implementation of security capabilities and an intuitive project management workflow to facilitate collaboration.

Unrivaled speed and ease

Assemble nearly 2,000 pages of compliance documents in hours or days, not months or years.

How to Generate SSPs in Hours

Efficient assessments

Create documentation, in both OSCAL and human-readable formats, that will be more consistent and accurate - something the auditors will love.

Frequently asked questions

Can you help me transition from NIST 800-53 Rev 4 to Rev 5?

Yes! No one will help you transition to FedRAMP Rev 5 as affordably and painlessly as Paramify. Learn how you can transition to Rev 5 seamlessly and inexpensively.

What are Risk Solutions?

Risk Solutions is our unique method for streamlining and accelerating the compliance document process. It is what allows you to create OSCAL SSPs in days, not months.

A Risk Solution is a capability your organization uses, plans to use, or does not yet have. Updating one Risk Solution will automatically update every control and document that it maps to. Importantly, they satisfy controls from most any framework.

Paramify keeps a library of battle-tested Risk Solutions that are audited and certified many times over. You can use Risk Solutions as-is, customize them, or write your own.

Learn more about how Risk Solutions simplify compliance.

See our blog post for a step-by-step guide on how to build and deploy a Risk Solution framework

Do I have to hand over sensitive information to Paramify?

Nope. This is a common problem in the security software industry that we have solved. We designed Paramify to not require any sensitive permissions. We use absolutely no agent installations. It’s pretty ironic that a security company would ask you to hand over your information to strangers? Paramify does it differently.

Does Paramify offer a free trial?

We've heard your requests for this feature loud and clear. Contact us today to discuss setting this up.

Do you offer discounts?

Our pricing represents outstanding value. Companies of all sizes will find the benefits we provide far exceed the cost. Visit our pricing page for details.

Can I install Paramify on premises in five minutes?

Probably. Paramify leverages an open-source technology KOTS (Kubernetes-Off-The-Shelf) to make on-premises installations as fast and straight-forward as possible. Paramify can be deployed to most cloud providers that support Kubernetes such as AWS, Azure, and others. Air-gapped and bare-metal solutions are also available. Depending on the configuration, you may need to provide some capabilities, such as persistent storage, SMTP, SSO (Google, Okta, etc.), and Ingress Controllers/Load Balancers.