Simplify FedRAMP & StateRAMP: Accurate and Affordable Compliance Docs

Are you looking to get StateRAMP or FedRAMP authorized but don’t know where to start? Paramify has a proven track record of helping organizations of all types. Learn how Paramify helped PopeTech get authorized on time and under budget to determine whether Paramify is the right partner for you.

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PopeTech, a fast-growing software company, recognized the importance of demonstrating compliance with StateRAMP requirements. This authorization would not only demonstrate their commitment to advanced cloud security but also help them secure contracts with state government entities. 


Embarking on any FedRAMP or StateRAMP authorization journey requires a combination of extensive expertise, strategic planning, and a solid understanding of the financial and time commitments involved. PopeTech, aware of this complexity, had concerns regarding the costs, timeline, and the magnitude of changes to their existing security controls necessary to achieve authorization. Without knowing those things, it was nearly impossible to calculate what the ROI would be on this effort.


To find answers to these questions, PopeTech contacted Paramify for help. Paramify met with the CEO and Chief Security Officer of PopeTech to kick off an assessment process. Through a series of web meetings, they evaluated PopeTech's cloud security capabilities, and all of PopeTech's security controls were quickly documented.

Next, Paramify provided PopeTech with three essential summaries: the Risk Solution Implementation Summary, Risk Priority Summary, and the StateRAMP Readiness assessment. These documents served as the roadmaps for PopeTech's StateRAMP authorization journey. Below is a sample of a Control Implementation Summary. 

Control Implementation Summary Example

The Risk Solution Implementation Summary, shown above, outlines all the Risk Solution families for compliance with not only StateRAMP,  but FedRAMP, DoD, CMMC, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and on and on. Below is a sample of a Risk Priority Summary. 

Risk Priority Summary Example

The Risk Priority Summary highlighted the areas where a company’s existing cloud security capabilities do not address certain required risk solutions. Conveniently, the Paramify Platform was then utilized to assign and track remediation tasks. Below is a sample of a StateRAMP Readiness Summary.

Risk Priority Summary Example

The StateRAMP Readiness assessment highlighted the readiness percentage they had already achieved, broken down by segment.


By collaborating with Paramify, PopeTech was able to streamline the StateRAMP readiness assessment process. The detailed analysis and clear roadmap enabled PopeTech to understand their current security status, prioritize actions, and monitor their progress towards authorization effectively. Remarkably, this collaboration allowed PopeTech to accomplish the authorization process swiftly and cost-effectively. The optimized approach not only minimized resource allocation and expenses but also accelerated the authorization timeline. This, in turn, resulted in a significant return on investment for PopeTech, proving the efficacy and value of the partnership.

Learn how Paramify simplifies security optimization, making StateRAMP and FedRAMP authorization affordable for organizations like yours.

Request Your Free Assessment Today

If you're ready to embark on your journey to FedRAMP or StateRAMP authorization and need a partner who can deliver results just like we did for PopeTech, contact us today for your free assessment. 

The result of the free assessment will be your own:

  • FedRAMP or StateRAMP Readiness Percentage Summary
  • Risk Solution Implementation Summary
  • Risk Priority Summary
  • Sneak peak of your SSP (System Security Plan) in DOCX and OSCAL formats, CRM (Customer Responsibility Matrix), and Inventory Workbook

Armed with a clear roadmap to authorization, we’ll take the fear and uncertainty out of your StateRAMP or FedRAMP authorization journey. No risk. No cost.  Start your assessment today and discover how Paramify can help you achieve your security objectives swiftly and with strong ROI.

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